Technology and systems for access to quality assured drinking water in urban India
Consumers want affordable, quality assured drinking water
Unpackaged Water is the only way to deliver on this need
We deliver this through a network of vending machines in public places


At the core of our system is a modular vending machine

The use of this machine helps reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste in our streets, landfills and water bodies, helping India get one step closer to our goal of being 'Swachh Bharat'

Access in urban India

We are working to establish, through collaboration, a network of machines in major cities in urban India, so that a clean glass of water is never far away


Ease of use

Using human centered design principles and tools, we are working with leading product designers to deliver a simple, intuitive experience. Put a coin in, push a button, get water out. Simple.

Ensuring quality

With embedded sensors, we are able to assure that every drop of water that passes through our vending machine into a bottle or glass has been purified. If the water doesn't pass our standards we shut the machine down, and trigger maintenance and investigations into the failure. All our data is run through algorithms in the cloud, through which we keep a vigilant eye on our machines.



co-founder, CEO

Min spent his early career in management consulting and finance in the UK with IBM and others. Since his return to India in 2007 he has worked in a number of sustainability related areas and consulting assignments including renewable energy, agriculture, waste management, environmental education and development of social enterprises in rural India.

co-founder, COO

Akshay is an industrial designer and design researcher, and has worked in the areas of renewable energy, sanitation and hygiene amongst others. One of his most challenging and rewarding projects was working as a project manager for the multi-stakeholder Bill & Melinda Gates Project — Project Sammaan — on sanitation, during his time at Quicksand Design Studio.


Amrutdhara Water Services

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